Fee-only financial planning services are provided by Pacific Oak Wealth Management LLC, a Los Angeles Financial Planning Firm.

We are fee-only fiduciary financial planners that provide objective advice to help develop a financial plan tailored to you.  We help clients in West Los Angeles, Santa Monica, Hollywood, the Valley, surrounding areas of Los Angeles and throughout the country.   


We are fiduciaries, therefore, we always place the client's interests above our own.  We are fee-only financial planners, therefore, we do not receive commissions or referral fees.  We do not sell or benefit from the sale of any financial or life insurance products. 

We offer comprehensive financial planning and investment management services.  We help you navigate financial, tax and economic news to better prepare and prosper during good times, and survive economic downturns.  

We leverage our years of experience with and knowledge of financial management to provide you with financial advice in line with your current and future goals.  

Our advice is objective, we always place the client's interest above our own.  Additionally, what differentiates me from other "Financial Advisers" is that I'm a CPA and CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER.  Since we are a boutique firm, we don't have monthly quotas that need to be met.  

Further, because of my background as a CPA, by nature, I have an increased focus on tax and their impact on investment and financial planning decisions.  Our office can be a "one stop", providing you with comprehensive financial planning, investment management, tax preparation & tax planning.

We work with clients of all ages and in all stages of life.  Whether you're early in your career, looking to retire and consolidate your accounts, or need advice when starting your  business - we are here for you.