We Are An Independent Fee-Only Fiduciary RIA

...What Does That Mean?


We work for our clients rather than representing a specific bank, insurance, or investment company.  Because of this, we are not limited to one company's investment products.  This allows us to provide access to many more investment options at a much lower cost. 


We will never be paid a commission. An advisor compensated through commissions inherently faces a conflict of interest between the interests of the client and that of the financial professional.  These commissions provide an incentive to sell products with the highest payout to the advisor (e.g. loaded mutual funds, variable annuities, whole life insurance) regardless of whether or not this is the best option.  We are paid based on a percentage of the assets we manage.  This aligns our goals with those of the client, which is to grow your wealth.  This model minimizes conflicts of interest.


A financial advisor held to a Fiduciary Standard occupies a position of special trust and confidence when working with a client. As a Fiduciary, the financial advisor is required to act with undivided loyalty to the client.  This includes disclosure of how the financial advisor is compensated and any corresponding conflicts of interest.  This requires Trust, Loyalty, and Disclosure.


"RIA" stands for Registered Investment Advisor. This means that we are registered and regulated by the State of California and are held to a standard of care as laid out in the Investment Advisers Act of 1940.  This holds us to our Fiduciary responsibility and requires us to act and serve a client's best interests with the intent to eliminate all potential conflicts of interest.