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Shonty Spatola is a passionate Financial Professional based in Santa Monica, California. Currently, he is the proud Founder of his very own CPA (boutique) firm, which serves as a one-stop operation for all-things tax preparation & planning as well as financial & investment advisory. Shonty prides himself on providing financial advice that is always transparent, objective, and unbiased. As a fiduciary, his priority has been and always will be his clients and their unique financial goals.

When it comes to this mission, Shonty aims to help business owners navigate financial, tax, and economic news, so they can successfully prepare and prosper during good times, and survive (and even thrive in) those economic downturns. 

Throughout the span of nearly two decades, Shonty has been proudly serving clients of the Greater Los Angeles area with his undeniable skill set and in-depth industry knowledge. His primary areas of expertise lie in Fee Only Investment & Portfolio Management, Financial Planning, Retirement Planning, Tax Preparation & Planning, Comprehensive Wealth Management, and many more.

To date, Shonty is a Certified Public Accountant, CFP® (Certified Financial Planner™), and a Registered Investment Adviser in the state of California. He previously studied for a Master’s degree in Taxation and he now holds his Master of Business Administration degree.

Prior to his current position, Shonty was associated with a renowned Los Angeles-based accounting firm of income tax and audit specialists. In addition, he worked for a business management firm and a fortune 500 company.  He also volunteered for Big Brothers.

When he isn’t immersed in the realm of finance, Shonty Spatola likes traveling, cooking and fitness.


We have attorney's, bookkeepers and enrolled agents in our office with various levels of experience to support your income tax, financial planning and accounting needs.